Dr. Fred Ray Lybrand Jr.

Focused Improvement

I deliver Focused Improvement. You need Focused Improvement if your business is not growing or you’re working to exhaustion 24/7. Right now, having someone who is Focused is the key to your success. Very few people provide Focused Improvement, and as a result, without this kind of help you’ll probably continue to be stuck where you are in your business & life.

My talent for Focused Improvement means that we will target the most doable & leveraged actions to improve your business or organization. This could be anything from planning to measurement to systems to psychology; whatever is constraining you the most. I can guarantee you that better actions will produce better outcomes. My talent for Focused Improvement means we will target the strategic actions to focus upon that will guarantee improvement. In particular, we will clarify the picture of your business & strategically remove what’s holding you back, so we guarantee improvement. My clients have included the United States Air Force, State Farm Insurance, Valero, Chick-fil-A, Pioneer Natural Resources, Encana, Marathon Oil, Rose & Associates, ProTrader, Burlington Resources, AcuFocus, Connally Plumbing, Inc., Silver Creek Oil & Gas, Maplewood Investment Partners, Continental Oil, Pioneer Natural Resources, Infinity Concrete Construction, Westhill Paving, Talentum Engineering, and PTX Therapy.……………………………………A couple of distinctions worth mentioning are my Organizational Consultant Certification with Robert Fritz, Inc. (mentor to Peter Senge, Sloan School of Management @ MIT) & “Best of the Best Honoree Award” (American Society of Safety Engineers) for my two part article on “Transcendent Leadership.”